Complaints procedure

The employees of Arbodienst Guyra International understand better than anyone else how important it is that our services are carried out in the best possible way. Unfortunately, it may happen that you as an employee or employer are dissatisfied with our services.

We would like to work with you to improve our services. It is therefore important that you let us know where we can make a change.

If, as an employee, you are dissatisfied with your employer, you should discuss this with your employer in the first instance. If, given the situation, you feel that this is not possible, you can make an appointment with our company doctor without the intervention or consent of your employer. Should you experience undesirable behaviour and/or integrity violations and it is not doable to discuss this with your employer, it is possible to make an appointment with an independent confidential adviser of our organisation.

It is possible you do not agree with an advice given by the occupational health doctor. However, this falls outside the scope of this complaints procedure and for this you should contact the UWV and request an expert opinion.

Should you be dissatisfied with our services or the way you have been treated by our staff, you may file a complaint. Filing a complaint should be done via our digital form. It is important that you describe your complaint as fully as possible.

Upon receipt, we will process your complaint within 5 working days and within 10 working days we will inform you of the progress and possible next steps.

Complaints regulations

The complaints procedure of Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark aims to:

  • to establish a procedure to deal constructively with the complaints of affiliated clients ( and its employees) within a reasonable period of time;
  • establishing a procedure to determine the causes of client complaints;
  • maintaining and improving existing relationships through proper complaint handling;
  • training employees in customer-focused response to complaints;
  • improving the quality of services by means of complaint handling and complaint analysis.

Article 1

In these regulations, the following definitions apply:

  • a. Complaint/incident: any expression of dissatisfaction with a conduct, act or omission by (an employee and/or participant of) Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark;
  • b. Official complaint: a complaint, incident does not always have to lead to an official complaint. If it ultimately does then a complaint can be submitted via our digital form. digital form
  • c. Employee: any person performing work on behalf of or through Guyra Arbodienst (whether employed or acting as a professional);
  • d. Receiver: an appointed employee who receives the complaint on behalf of Guyra Arbodienst;
  • e. Authorised officer: this is the complaints officer, who takes up the complaint and coordinates the further handling;
  • f. Respondent: the person who files a complaint.

Article 2
Right to complain

  1. Any person has the right to lodge a complaint with Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark about the manner in which Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark has behaved towards him or another in a certain matter;
  2. A conduct of an employee, working under the responsibility of Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark, shall be regarded as a conduct of Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark.

Article 3
Proper treatment

Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark shall ensure proper handling of oral and written complaints about its conduct.
mondelinge en schriftelijke klachten over zijn gedragingen.

Article 4
Filing a complaint/incident

  1. The respondent shall report the complaint in writing, by telephone or e-mail to Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark. It is assessed whether it is an incident and can be resolved immediately with the client. If not then an official complaint can be filed.
  2. The official complaint shall contain at least:
    • a. the name and address of the respondent;
    • b. the date;
    • c. a description of the conduct against which the complaint is directed (including time, place);
    • d. name of the gene against which the complaint is directed
  3. If the complaint is in a foreign language and a translation is necessary for a proper handling of the complaint, the respondent shall arrange for a translation;
  4. Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark may decide not to deal with a written complaint if the complaint does not comply with paragraphs 1, 2 or 3 (provided that the respondent has been informed of the inadequacy of the complaint and has had the opportunity to supplement the complaint within two weeks of being notified).

Article 5

  1. As soon as Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark has satisfied the respondent's complaint to the respondent's satisfaction, the obligation to continue to apply these regulations to the complaint in question shall lapse;
  2. The respondent shall be notified in writing that Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark assumes that the complaint has been satisfactorily addressed;
  3. Should the respondent not be satisfied with the handling of his/her complaint it will still have to be dealt with according to these regulations.

Article 6
Acknowledgement of receipt

  1. Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark shall confirm the receipt of the official complaint in writing within 2 working days;
  2. The confirmation of receipt shall state:
    • a. the handling period
    • b. the further procedure
    • c. the contact person
    • d. the possibility of being heard or waiving a hearing;
  3.  Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark shall return a complaint not intended for it to the respondent as soon as possible.

Article 7
Complaint handler

The complaint shall be handled by an employee who was not involved in the conduct to which the complaint relates. The complaints officer will ensure that the complaint reaches the (ultimately) responsible officer for handling:

  • Content (medical): staff doctor Guyra International Arbodienst
  • Procedural and treatment: Corporate vitality manager, team leader Medimark/Guyra.

A medical complaint against a company doctor, AIOS or ANIOS) is always dealt with first by the Guyra International Arbodienst staff doctor. If required, a complaint about a doctor can be submitted to an independent complaints committee. Since 2017, every healthcare provider must have joined a recognised disputes committee. Guyra International Arbodienst is affiliated with DOKh. It can assist you and the doctor in handling the complaint. The staff doctor will hand you the leaflet "You have a complaint about your doctor. What now?". This contains the procedure.

Article 8
Non-mandatory handling

  1.  Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark is not obliged to deal with the complaint if it relates to conduct:
    • a. about which a complaint has already been submitted previously that was dealt with in compliance with these regulations, other than under application of Article 6, paragraphs 1 and 2;
    • b. which took place more than one year prior to the filing of the complaint;
    • c. which is or has been subjected to the judgement of a judicial authority by the institution of proceedings;
    • d. as long as a criminal investigation is being carried out by order of the public prosecutor or prosecution is in progress, or if the behaviour forms part of the investigation or prosecution of a criminal offence and a criminal investigation is being carried out by order of the public prosecutor or prosecution is in progress;
  2. The respondent will be notified in writing of the decision not to take the complaint into consideration as soon as possible, but no later than 2 weeks after receipt of the complaint.

Article 9
Obligation of the respondent

A copy of the complaint and the accompanying documents sent by the respondent shall be sent to the person whose conduct the complaint refers to.

Article 10
Obligation to be heard

  1. Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark shall give the respondent and the person whose conduct the complaint refers to, the opportunity to be heard;
  2. The hearing of the respondent may be dispensed with if the respondent himself has declared that he does not wish to exercise the right to be heard;
  3. A report shall be made of the hearing;
  4. A copy of the report shall be sent to the respondent on request.

Article 11
Processing period

  1. Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark shall settle the complaint within 10 working days of receipt, should a reason arise that makes settlement within this period impossible, paragraph two of this article shall apply;
  2. Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark may adjourn the settlement for a maximum of two weeks, the adjournment shall be notified in writing to the respondent and to the person to whose conduct the complaint relates.

Article 12

  1. Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark shall notify the respondent in writing, stating reasons, of the findings of the investigation into the complaint as well as any conclusions and related measures it draws from them;
  2. No objection or appeal may be lodged against a decision concerning the handling of a complaint about a conduct of Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark.

Article 13
Accountability information

Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark shall ensure registration of complaints submitted to it.

Article 14
Transitional provisions

  1. A complaint lodged after the date of entry into force of these regulations, even if the conduct to which it relates occurred before then, shall be dealt with in accordance with these regulations;
  2. A complaint filed before the date of entry into force of these regulations shall, as far as possible, be dealt with in accordance with these regulations.

Article 15
Citation and entry into force

  1. These regulations shall be cited as: 'Complaints Regulations Guyra International Arbodienst/Medimark';
  2. These regulations shall enter into force with effect from 1 May 2023