A new opportunity in a stalled process

A different way of looking at a sick employee can provide a major breakthrough in a stalled process with the employer, occupational health and safety service and UWV. In many cases, the prospect of a return to one's own job or the search for another job has already ended before it has really taken off. People have unwittingly become bogged down in procedures and bureaucracy. It has become hopeless it seems. Hopeless for the employee, hopeless for the employer. The occupational health doctor and support staff are not getting anywhere either, and often the UWV thinks something is possible; this may or may not be well-founded. It seems like the employee wants nothing more.

The costs are then already out of control, and will go on to become many thousands of euros more. Insured or not, a lot of money still has to be spent, and often for years afterwards.

A breakthrough is certainly possible, but through a different way of looking at things: through a different way of talking. We can call it a complaint as an opportunity. Where is the real problem now? Of what story is the complaint the symptom and the entrance for a solution. We do call this cause and effect. No, not therapeutic, but a viable conversation. To see what is really behind it, what is not being told. And very often this is not asked! For instance, what does the company doctor have to do with the employee's/employee's marriage, relationship? He/she suffers from his/her knee that's what it's all about, isn't it? That is the complaint, isn't it?

Yes, that is often a complaint, but the real reason for not going or not being able to work does not become clear to anyone.

Recognise, acknowledge and get things moving.

With about four sessions, we find the real cause in most cases. Discovering the background of the real problem. The employee, but also the employer in some cases, can recognise the real cause. Once we have reached this stage, then the next steps can be taken, and that is to acknowledge and move towards a final solution. This could be a career change, getting a marriage counsellor involved; either way, there is positive movement in the process. With very likely prospects of a good solution and much lower costs. We have then entered the phase of a targeted solution and clarity has arrived. Clarity in everyone's interest. 

Are you curious about this new opportunity? We would be happy to discuss it with you.