External confidential adviser

A new Working Conditions Act is probably on the way.

Under the Working Conditions Act, companies are obliged to draw up a policy to protect their employees against psychosocial stress. Part of this policy may be the appointment of a confidential adviser.

This new law will oblige every company to appoint an external confidential adviser.

According to the new law, it is very important that every employee who experiences undesirable behavior and/or violation of integrity can turn to a trained and certified confidential adviser. Under the new law, companies that have already appointed an internal confidential adviser will still have to have an agreement with an external confidential adviser.
volgens de nieuwe wet toch een overeenkomst moeten hebben met een externe vertrouwenspersoon.

The confidential adviser is there for every employee or group of employees.

The external confidential adviser is trained, certified and affiliated with the LVV (National Association of Confidential Advisers).

He/she is there for a first initial care if, according to the person(s) involved, there is no way out. A solution will be sought, guidance or other aid agencies will be advised and possibly called in. In addition, an annual report will be made necessary for the RI&E (Risk Inventory & Evaluation).

The information that a confidential adviser receives is always confidential and will only be shared in consultation and with the consent of the person(s) involved. There are exceptions, however only in very exceptional circumstances.

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