Medical examinations

You can contact Guyra International Arbodienst for the following medical examinations, carried out by our occupational health and safety doctors.

  • Major driver's license inspection
  • Medibus inspection
  • Taxi pass inspection
  • Driving license renewal 75 years and older
  • Preventive Medical Examination (PMO)
  • Professional inspections (offshore, NOGEPA (becomes Element NL), asbestos, soil remediation, etc.)
  • Health check

For all medical examinations, please visit the website of our sister company Medimark:

Medimark's doctors carry out examinations for all insurance companies, such as:

  • Small targeted inspections
  • Acceptance examinations such as so-called GP and internist examinations
  • Maritime inspections
  • Inland navigation inspections
  • Parachutist examination
  • Divers inspections (sports diving)
  • Compressed air inspections
  • Preventive medical examinations at the request of the employer

Guyra International Arbodienst and Medimark have locations throughout the country, so there is almost always one near you. For all inspections that are carried out, care and convenience for the customer are of paramount importance!

All examinations are carried out by Medimark doctors, who all have extensive experience in conducting a medical examination and the associated preventive signals. The Medimark team is loyal, active, dedicated and professional. We trust that the persons to be examined quickly feel at ease with the doctors.

For more information, please contact us by calling the free telephone number 0800 6334627